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Book Now For Mindfulness Kids Program
Make A Difference To Your Children's Resilience, Self-Esteem and Overall Well-being!
Book Now for the Mindfulness Kids Program 
and give your children the tools to create a huge impact in their lives. 

Build Resilience, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Value and Self-Worth so your children can be happy, confident and learn no matter what challenges they may face now, in these unprecedented times, and in the future!

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Structure of the Program
The Mindfulness Kids Program can be broken down into 8 themes: intention, attention, attitude, gratitude, resilience, self-kindness, kindness to others, and purpose. 

The first six lessons focus on cultivating the foundational concepts of mindfulness: intention, attention and attitude. As the course progresses, children then learn to cultivate gratitude, handle difficult thoughts and emotions, and finally develop kindness towards themselves and others. 

The key foundations of mindfulness; paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and warmth, are continually strengthened throughout all 16 lessons.

Program Delivery
Mindfulness Kids Program is delivered live 2x a week for 8 weeks via virtual conferencing - Zoom. 
If unable to attend any of the live lessons, recordings will be available to catch up in your own time.

What's Included + Bonuses                                                       $299

Empowering Children to Discover their Genius eBook
6 Step Program
Empowering Children to Discover their Genius

A guide to inspire, motivate and enable children to open their minds to the world of possibilities. ECDG encourages children to have or discover their vision, believe in that vision and that it will manifest itself when they believe and take inspired action.
30 Days Mindful Gratitude Journal
Bonus #2
30 Days Mindful Gratitude Journal
e-book to get you and your children started on their mindful journey. 
Additional Resources and Support
Bonus #3
Additional Resources and Support 

to further implement mindfulness and empowered mindset with your children. 

Private Facebook Group for inspiration and support from a growing community. 

What the research and kids says:

98% of children report benefits from participating in Mindfulness Kids Programs.

92% of children reported an enhanced ability to regulate their emotions and tolerate strong affect.
72% of children reported that mindfulness helps them to focus, pay attention, and concentrate.
72% of children report an enhanced ability to be less reactive towards others, being less aggressive and engaging less frequently in physical and verbal confrontation.
77% of children report improvements in peer and family relationships.
Over 55% of children report that mindfulness helps them to enjoy life more, demonstrating enhanced gratitude, happiness, optimism and quality of life.